2-7 Single Draw

2-7 Single Draw is a lowball draw game. Players are dealt 5 cards, then may draw replacement cards once, with the goal of making the best 2-7 low hand.

2-7 Single Draw Gameplay
A hand begins with all players paying a forced bet, known as an ante, and the first players clockwise from the dealer placing additional forced bets, known as blinds.

Each player is dealt 5 hole cards.

A round of betting occurs. Starting with the first player clockwise from the blinds, each player has an opportunity to call (match) or raise (increase) the current bet, or fold and exit the hand.

When this betting round is complete, a draw takes place.

Starting clockwise from the button, players choose one or more cards to discard. A player may also discard no cards and “stand pat”. Players are dealt replacement cards for any discards.

A second and final round of betting occurs, starting with the first player clockwise from the dealer.

If two or more players remain in the hand, a showdown is held and the players’ hole cards are compared.

The pot is awarded to the best 2-7 low hand, or split in the event of a tie.

The hand now complete, the dealer button moves clockwise and the next hand begins.

2-7 Single Draw can be played with Pot Limit or No Limit betting.

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