1,000,000 Chips = 1 BTC

1 Chip is now equal to 1 Bit of BTC

During the design process of Bitcoin Poker 3.0, the SwC Poker team debated the issue of chip denomination. For those that played the 1.0 & 2.0 versions, you remember that chips used to be equal to milli-bitcoin, where 1,000 chips = 1 Bitcoin.

That was the old system, and it worked well for a long time… until Bitcoin skyrocketed in price, and all of a sudden, micro stakes were eliminated. The team considered extra decimal places; but that didn’t work well in our heads. In the end, the decision was made to redenominate chips as μBTC (also called bits and micro-bitcoin), where 1,000,000 chips = 1 Bitcoin.

The change may be a bit shocking at first, with all those chips on the cash tables, but we believe this is the most flexible way forward for the long term health of the site. Should Bitcoin moon again, we’ll be ready to spread games in a wide range of stakes.