1.6m Bad Beat Jackpot Hit!

Our biggest one yet, thank you to all players and congratulations to our winners

The past month or so has shown a lot of growth for our bitcoin poker community, with increasingly more players week over week - pumping up the Bad Bad Jackpot to over 1.6 BTC. Yesterday, we saw our largest BBJ hit ever as the 1,657,938.89 chip jackpot was distributed to the winners.

It hit on hand #7283240 over at a 6 max 25/50 table. ‘Thisguy23’ holding KK, against the losing hand of ‘Shang-A-Lang’ with QQ - both going the distance on a board of AAA35. All players in the hand got at least 82896.94 chips, with ‘Shang-A-Lang’ losing the hand but walking away with the biggest share of the Bad Beat Jackpot, 580,278.62 chips. ‘Thisguy23’ collected the pot and an additional 331,587.78 chips, making that hand of pocket kings one to remember.

SwC Poker has launched this promotion without taking any extra rake - instead we give 20% of each drop on BBJ tables to the BBJ jackpot fund. We think this is adding extra excitement to the game and doesn’t cost our players anything - it comes out of our end.

So thank you everyone for being part of our community and congratulations on the SwC’s Bad Beat Jackpot winners. Make sure you’re playing a special coloured BBJ table on SwC for your shot at a Bitcoin Poker Jackpot!