Krill Rewards Program

Earn Krill to increase your rakeback

Krill Rewards Program

Players receive Krill every time they are dealt into a raked hand. Collect Krill to earn permanent rewards, including rakeback, and access to exclusive freerolls. The more Krill you collect, the more rewards you unlock! Krill never decreases or resets.

Krill Calculation

Each player dealt into a raked hand will receive Krill based on the calculation:

√(rake) * 0.3 / (players dealt in)

Every player in the hand receives an equal amount of Krill, regardless of their contribution to the pot. Each registered player in a tournament or sit & go will receive Krill based on the calculation:

√(entry fee) * 0.3

Krill is awarded to early registrants when the tournament begins. Tournaments with no entry fee award no Krill.

Krill Waves

Krill Amount Title Reward
1 New Seal 5% Rakeback, Access to Chat
50 Baby Seal 5% Rakeback, Access to Freerolls
500 Floundering Seal 8% Rakeback, Choice of Avatar & Chat Color
1,250 Young Seal 10% Rakeback
2,500 Daring Seal 12% Rakeback
5,000 Adult Seal 14% Rakeback
10,000 Tricky Seal 17% Rakeback
20,000 Journeyman Seal 20% Rakeback
50,000 Sly Seal 24% Rakeback
100,000 Cunning Seal 28% Rakeback
200,000 Boss Seal 33% Rakeback
500,000 Shrewd Seal 38% Rakeback
1,000,000 Baller Seal 42% Rakeback
2,000,000 Sage Seal 45% Rakeback
5,000,000 Iconic Seal 47% Rakeback
10,000,000 Grandmaster Seal 50% Rakeback
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