Quarantine Series: Week 8

We are extending our Quarantine Series for an 8th and final week

We are pleased to announce we are extending our Quarantine Series for an 8th week! This will be the last and final week of our Quarantine Series.

Our players exceeded our expectations and we have enjoyed bringing them nearly two full months of tournaments with huge bitcoin guarantees. We will be utilizing the Quarantine Series schedule and your feedback to make some permanent weekly tournaments within the schedule.

This week there will be at least three tournaments a day and the winner of each tournament will gain entry into our Tournament of Champions 50,000 chip freeroll that will take place Monday, May 18th.

Thank you for your participation and in helping make SwCPoker the best bitcoin poker site in the World! The first tournament will be May 11th, 2020. Stay safe and win big!

"SwC Quarantine Series"
* Twice daily 2k freerolls, open to all
* At least three daily events, 3pm EST, 6pm EST & 9pm EST (12pm PST, 3pm PST & 6pm PST)

 Quarantine Series Week 8
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