SwC Poker Site Upgrades and Changes

We have been listening to the community’s feedback and working on all types of improvements.

Players logging into SwC Poker this past week probably have noticed that we made some changes. We have been listening to the community’s feedback and working on all types of improvements. We appreciate you and will continue to make improvements to make your experience with us more enjoyable.

Let’s run through some of the changes. One of the biggest changes is the addition of pineapple hold’em and short deck hold’em, two great action games. We hope you are as excited as we are about the addition of these new games. Brush up on the rules and go check out these games. Both are being spread at cash tables as well as in tournaments.

Speaking of tournaments, the monthly BIG BTC will now allow players 1 re-entry. We expect this to make our flagship tournament a little more exciting and make the prize-pools a little larger! Also, in our Progressive Knock-Out (PKO) tournaments, bounty amounts will be shown for each player at the table.

Some other general improvements that we made are improved buttons and chat text at the tables. We added previous and next step buttons to our hand replayer. On the desktop client, filters for all games have been added and can be multi-selected as well as a dark background added for lobbies and windows. On the web client, a black background for chat windows has been added. We have added a lock table orientation checkbox for the android client as well as making hole cards larger on android’s verticle tables.

For all games with antes, auto antes will now be the default for all players when you sit down to a table.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on these changes, as well as other things you would like to see improved. We will continue to strive to make SwCPoker the best Bitcoin poker site in the World.
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