This is Bitcoin Poker 3.0

Our new platform will bring much of what the community asked us to deliver

SwC Poker has undergone great changes to bring you the site you see today. After years of building, we are proud to relaunch with Bitcoin Poker 3.0! The latest version of SwC Poker is the best one yet. 3.0 offers a stable, multiplatform bitcoin poker experience that is unmatched in the industry today.

Because SwC Poker has always been “No Banking, Only Bitcoin” we are able to offer the lowest rake in the industry. By cutting out traditional fiat banking, our operating costs are much lower and we are able to pass that savings on to our players. The efficiencies created by Bitcoin are becoming more known to the industry over time.

Poker players are now quite familiar with cryptocurrency, and this growth signaled to us that it was time for a vast improvement in our game. ​The 3.0 platform will bring much of what the community asked us for years to deliver. PC, Mac, Android, and HTML5 clients are all now available. Finally, a choice for all users.

Our Android client brings Bitcoin poker back to the daily train commute. Mac users once again can call SwC home. If you are using Linux or don’t trust any client software, the HTML5 client is for you. It has been a long road, but we think you’ll see it’s worth the wait. ​ Much of what you know about SwC Poker will not change.

Krill rakeback continues as before. The Krill rewards program will get more interesting over time on the 3.0 platform. The Medium BTC increases it’s guarantee to 100k, and now satellites will run daily, giving players the opportunity to win their seat for a fraction of the buy-in. The new SwC Poker is far more flexible than before, so prepare yourself for tons of exciting features, promotions, and new ways to play in the coming years.

Speaking of new ways to play, be sure to check out our Short Deck Hold’em cash games and tournaments. Short Deck Hold’em has taken the poker world by storm, and SwC Poker is now spreading it. ​Thank you to all our players that stuck with us through the years, welcome back to all the players that have been waiting on the sidelines until we were ready, and hello to all the new players that are finding us for the first time.

Thank you for playing SwC Poker, Bitcoin Poker 3.0.